We are a Peterborough
Community Organisation committed to celebrating all things craft and artisan.

We meet every Monday from 7pm
 at the Brewery tap in Peterborough city centre.   

Our aim is to have a drink and have a laugh, all under the pretense of making stuff.  

We think the idea of producing things your self is pretty cool and want to steal craft fairs back from the WI. Ban the Barbie loo roll holder and bring on contemporary, cool, funky makes for the modern home.

So if you think cross stitching your favourite swear words into a pillowcase is really funny, or really want some burlesque bunting, then we may just be the group for you..

So please enjoy our website, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our meetings or any of our projects.

Happy Crafting!

Quick News

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  • Handmade in Peterborough's Crafty Bucket List So we had a wonderful birthday night and thanks to everyone that came along, it was a blast!- as you can see from the pictures below. To celebrate our fifth anniversary year, team HiP are planning a year of exciting events and we want to involve our lovely HiP members. In memory of one of our founders Emily Henderson we intend to help our members to complete as much of this bucket list in 2016. If there is something we can do together as a group then we would love to arrange these as workshops or events. So please help us by sayng yes to the things you would like to try. Then team HiP will endeavour to create a ...
    Posted 17 Feb 2016, 10:45 by keely mills
  • HiP's Fifth Anniversary- Happy Birthday to us!! That's right you crazy kitty cats, HiP is five years old and over the last five years we have had masses of fun swimming on the crafty seas. We have made so much together, whether thats pop-up shops, craft fayres, sewing cafes, yarn bombs, workshops, meetings, cocktail sessions, processions, granny squares for local charities and enough pom-poms to fill the Cathedral! Most of all we have made memories, beautiful friendships and mischief. We hope to do more of that in our fifth year so please keep an eye on what we are hoping to get up to. But let's have a love in first to kick it all off and to commemorate where it all began ...
    Posted 13 Jan 2016, 06:42 by keely mills
  • Monday Night HIP Ornament Swap Join is in a fun little swap on Monday 30th November.Simply make one Christmas / Festive / Holiday ornament, wrap it and bring it along to the pub and drop it in the swap box.After round the table chat we will pass the swap box around and anyone that bought an ornament can pick one out to keep..... Easy!The real challenge is that we don't want you buying anything or spending money on this swap. Try to stash bust as much as possible!We have so many talented crafters it will be interesting to see the variety of crafts, techniques & materials used...... Have fun.
    Posted 29 Nov 2015, 06:35 by Rose Croft
  • Project Twiddlemuff As a group we have been producing Twiddlemuffs / Sensory Sleeves for the Dementia ward at Peterborough City Hospital. They are used to help patients focus on a pleasant sensory experience rather than a cannula or repetitive tic.As fast as we produce them they are gone so we have decided to keep this as an on going project.Some of our members are sharing production with one knitting or crocheting the sleeve and others decorating it.At our Monday meetings there is always a stash of yarn, ribbon, buttons & beads for you to use. We also have official 'Handmade in Peterborough' fabric labels to attach.For more information contact us or even better pop along to a Monday meeting.
    Posted 29 Nov 2015, 06:32 by Rose Croft
  • Harvest   
    Posted 24 Aug 2015, 07:32 by Rose Croft
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