Sell Things

Many of us choose to sell the things we make and there are lots of places you can do that.

If you are starting out then why not get some advice by talking to those that already do. You can come to our meetings and have a chat, or you can read some of the articles we've written by taking a look at HiP Advice on Selling.

Very few people make a proper wage from making and selling, but there are lots of advantages to giving it a go.

You set your own hours, whether that is when you get home from work, or when the kids are in bed, or a steady 9-5.

It builds your confidence, and it builds your skill set.  Whether you are starting from scratch and just want to be proud of the things you make, or whether you want to put brand building, stock management, customer service, design, and much more on your CV.

The most common way to start is with a Craft Fair, or Handmade Market. HiP is currently helping to run monthly events at St John's Church in the centre of Peterborough. We keep the cost very low to make it accessible to people just starting, despite the amazing location. But there are lots of different events about, it's just a matter of finding them....

Luckily for you we have a fairly comprehensive list of all the local Fairs, Events, Markets and more.

If you don't have the time to go to events but want to sell then think about selling on the internet. Sites like Etsy and Folksy allow anyone to sign up and sell. It means you don't have to build or maintain your own website and have a ready made customer base. If you want to go a step further then try places like Not On The High Street. They have an application process and take a higher fee but do a lot more advertising to draw in higher prices for items.

There is a third option and that is to try the good old British High Street. Many local and independent businesses are always looking for high quality items to sell. Some are even geared up to work with crafters, taking either a commission or offering a scheme where you can rent a shelf.

You can check out all the opportunities that we know about to Sell Things In Shops.