About Us

The group was started by the journalist and geek Emily Henderson, alongside poet and fabric hoarder Keely Mills.

Emily discovered that after a year of living in the Peterborough, she still hardly knew anyone and there were very few ways to change that.
She took her love of going to the pub and of making random little objects and set about advertising on facebook to find out if anyone was into the same thing.
Keely saw a passionate person like herself and they met and then a plan was formed to start a weekly meeting for anyone who likes making things. No money involved, no artsy fartsy pretensions allowed, just normal people with normal lives having fun and swapping skills after work.
That was over four years ago now and HiP as gone from a lovely weekly meet up to being a group who is a regular contributor to many of the arts and culture events in Peterborough. To find out about our regular meetings, please follow this link: & to find out what we are up to please go here:

After a discussion with members and one too many of the Brewery Tap's lovely cocktails we have decided:

Here are the main aims of our group:

1. Our number one goal in life is to be a social group for people who want to meet up, have fun, and spread the word in Peterborough that we have a vibrant creative running through our city

2. We are not about making money, we will always be volunteer run. We share our skills, share our talents. We have so much experience and advice floating about the place & within the group that we thought we'd do something with it. Our members are happy to share their experiences, gossip, and opportunities. The meetings are a place for an informal lesson and skills share, so join us if your having a crafty problem as there will be someone there who can help.

3. Be different, be geeky, be cheeky, be crafty, be innovative, be imaginative. We like to be on the cutting edge of craft, where it meets communities, where it meets fine art, where craft can turn things on its head. So if you need a yarnbomb? Or need a session on angry birds tea cosies then get in touch.

4. We're Handmade in Peterborough, we want the city to have something for it's own so you don't have to travel out to Stamford, Oundle or Cambridge to find unique handmade sellers. However, we seem to be growing at an unstoppable rate so we will be advertising opportunities across the whole area as they come in.

5. We will never stop being Peterborough centric. So check our our news link on our web-page or a facebook page for those.

6. Peterborough does have a growing and exciting arts centre, HiP will always be involved in this scene and help it as much as we can. Peterborough needs people like us to come and make our city into the vibrant fun place that it could be.



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