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Our Meetings

We turn up, we sit, we chat, we find out new things, we drink, we eat, we make, we meet new folk, we go home.

Our Mondays nights are how we started and they remain the foundation on which Handmade in Peterborough is built.

It's very simple:

Brewery Tap Pub, every Monday from 7pm

It's 30'' from the bus station, there's a car park behind it, it's friendly, it's locally run so we are supporting a local business, it does Thai fries.

We are normally in the back room because there's more light, but if not then we will probably be upstairs.

Ask at the bar and they will be able to point us out.

Join Us
There's nothing to pay, there's no real structure. Simply turn up with something to do and sit down with us. If someone is doing something you want to learn then ask them and they can show you. If you're making something gorgeous then expect to be asked about it!

Worth It?
People have met some amazing new friends through our group. Others have heard about great new jobs and business opportunities. Most of us have learned something new, and all of us have a had a great laugh. It's also where we come up with many of our great schemes so you can become a part of that and do something amazing!

We sometimes make jokes about goats.