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Team HIP

About Emily

HiP is a self governing community group but we do have some team members who help to keep it raucous yet organised! 

There is some info on them below and if you
 come along to a meeting then say hello. 

We also wanted to add in a special page about 
who was one of the founder's of the group and is sadly
 no longer with us, so please do read about 
this amazing lady by clicking on her picture

Meet the Team

Keely M: aka Benjamin Button

Postion: Chairperson and co-founder

Craft: Sewing, making liqueurs,  poetry and Molly Sugden's bridesmaid. 

What is your favourite type of pie? 
Cherry if it's sweet and cheese and onion if it's savoury. 

Samantha H: aka Hopey-wan-kinobe 

Postion: Treasurer

Craft: Crochet, knit, sewing, felt, bead weaving, Local Craft TV star. 

What is your guilty pleasure? 
Hoarding buttons..... I have approx' 11,000 and still want more!

Rose C: aka Rosieleecupoftea

Position: Secretary

Craft: Crochet, painting, face-painting, macrame and knitting. (Anything really) 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Besides the obvious Ballerina/Astronaut/Rockstar/Vet combination, there were two things I wanted... 1. to grow my hair really long and 2.to be a violinist...  So far I have yet to learn the violin, and up until about a year ago was regularly shaving my head. Fail.

HIP Star Regular

We have many members of HiP who have become a star regular by either religiously attending meetings, getting involved or crocheting till their fingers bleed for us. We wanted to hi-light these amazing people with an occasional profile of some of them so expect to meet some of ours stars. 


Suzanara AKA: Suzanara Sparkle


If you could learn ANY Craft... what would it be?