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About Emily

Emily Henderson was one of the founder members of HiP and sadly she passed away in July 2015.

Emily was and is incredible, If you have ever been to one of our events in the last four years you would have come across this amazing force of nature who lit up the room and just made you laugh. She passed away this year, suddenly, incomprehensibly and peacefully.

We were all a little broken at team HiP, a bit like a thread had come undone on this massive blanket of love we wrap ourselves in when we get together, drink, craft and laugh. Emily was pretty central to us, She was magnificent and it may take us time to re-stitch the gap she has left but we will try.

As for HiP, well we are going to do what she would want us to, keep crafting and keep laughing even if there is tears. There will be a way other than this page for us to remember Emily by and we will post this on out web page and facebook page as soon as we know what that is. Please see an article about Emily that was featured in the local press below. Also we have included a poem written by Keely for Emily that was read at her funeral.

Thanks all,

Keely and Team HiP

P.s Emily when we see each other again, remember to bring the crochet hook and we will bring the wool. x 

Click here for a heart warming article about Emily in the local news

She is Emily.

She is the girl with red hair that dulls all other colours into grey.

She is the voice that softens bad news and its blast.

She is the enthusiasm that cracks the hardest hearts.

She is the force of nature that shone on rain and rained on the sun till it melts.

She is the comedian that leaves our sides split & un-stitched.

She is the sweet gentle peacemaker, cake splitter and line drawer.

She is the storyteller who weaves words into our heads and can never be undone.

She is the princess of techies, catching every pokemon and building a craft in a mine.

She is the embracer of freaks, geeks and uniques.

She is the opinion giver, the temptation to fuel her fire with silly remarks is irresistible.

She is the soother, advice flows from her and not one cliche ever used to comfort.

She is unrepeatable, with her catchy ‘There will be cake’ & every sentence flourished with a meow.

She is kindness, giver of thoughtful gifts, creator of acceptance for those who feel different.

She is the maker of something from nothing. threading people together in homemade love.

She is the wordsmith, getting the words to shine passion and to sharpen the senses.

She is Emily, we will miss her and she will never leave us while our fingers keep making and our memories keep burning.

By Keely Mills

July 29th 2015